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Student Loans: Myth or Reality?

What do you think about this when you borrow in a bank? Currently offered as loans for students, is no longer a novelty. University students can purchase the necessary thing in installments or arrange a bank loan to buy the product. The student could say that life is not sugar because it is deprived of Read More

Overdraft facility – when should I convert it into a normal loan?

Monthly credits in the form of income Almost every account holder receives an overdraft facility in connection with their own checking account, which receives monthly credits in the form of income. In most cases, the overdraft facility is granted on the basis of the amount of income, whereby the amount of the overdraft facility is Read More

Danes took mortgage loans for USD 200 billion dollars

In this article, we believe the tradition will round off the month of October by giving an overview of what interesting financial and private economic news has been during the month. We have selected five exciting articles that are all financial or financial related. Here you can read a little about each of the five Read More

How to apply for a consumer loan?

Most financial organizations operating in Russia have consumer loans in the list of their credit programs. Issuing these loans brings maximum profit to the banks at the expense of the interest charged. Given the growing competition and the strengthening of the post-crisis economy, the requirements for potential borrowers can be expected to be further eased. Read More

Applying for personal credit or a fast online loan

The market data throw surprising conclusions: 40% of Mexicans do not save, and that is certainly a drag when it comes to growing as a country economy. The number of those who do save among the Mexican population should be cause for joy, although many (about half) use rudimentary methods: batches, family loans, safe boxes. Read More

Is it possible to obtain a loan for unemployed citizens?

Today, no one is insured against discounts (which for some reason is often referred to as staffing optimization): neither a civil servant nor an employee. Even if you get a steady income but not confirmed by the item in the workbook, you are an unemployed citizen. However, it may happen that a public servant, an Read More

New credit card with no interest or free

Forget percentages. It’s much easier with this credit card. The unpaid balance is increased by only USD 10 for every USD 500 per month. You probably know how a credit card works. You will pay with it at the store or on the internet, and you will get a discount (here it is 1% of Read More